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The evolution of electric.

Ultralight. Iconic. Effortless.

Gogoro Eeyo bike

Simply lighter

than all the others.

Range with full

power assist.

*Range is calculated from tests of a 187 pound rider on Eeyo 1s with a fully charged battery at an average speed of 14 MPH. Test course was <3% slope. Ambient temperature was 77°. Range may vary significantly depending on rider weight, speed and terrain slope. For example a 165 pound rider at an average speed of 11 MPH will have an estimated range 40 miles Sport and 55 miles Eco. 

Ultralight vs

Eeyo 1s

26.4 LBS. Full carbon frame and fork.

Carbon fiber seatpost, handlebars, and rims.

Eeyo 1

27.5 LBS. Full carbon frame and fork.

Alloy seatpost, handlebars, and rims.


Ready, set, go.

Overtake the pack on your Eeyo 1.

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Smarter is better 

Enjoy your ride. The Eeyo Smartwheel senses your effort and delivers the exact power you need. Over the air update brings new features and improve the riding experience every quarter. 

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Never has an electric bike caused more commotion as I rode it through Amsterdam“
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