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Smart from scratch.

We engineered the Eeyo Smartwheel from the ground up to bring power, efficiency and intelligence into perfect harmony.

All Together Now

Designing Eeyo gave us a chance to start over. Other electric drivetrains evolved slowly to replace traditional bike components piece by piece, which spread them out over the entire bike. The Eeyo Smartwheel brings the motor, battery and sensors together into one incredibly smart and lightweight wheel.

Charge time

Focus on the road, not your screen. 

The streamlined Eeyo app displays only what's essential while you ride. A simple glance tells you everything you need to know.

Natural power assist

No need to get out of the saddle. The harder you pedal, the more Eeyo Smartwheel helps out. It makes hills feel flat and flat roads fun.

Power management

Auto lock

Gets smarter

New features on the horizon.

New assist modes

We are constantly evaluating new optimizations and modes to enhance your riding experience.

Health and trip analysis

Track how far you've ridden, and integrate Eeyo rides with your cycling or health tracker.

Learning from riders

Riders can opt into a program that will help Gogoro tune Smartwheel performance.

Tell us what you think

Contact us and let us know how we can improve or what features you'd like to see.

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